Say Goodbye to Lines at Amazon Go Grocery Store


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Say goodbye to long lines, cashiers and cash. Amazon created a “Just Walk Out Shopping experience” with their new Amazon Go grocery store where customers can just walk in and out without having to wait in line to pay.

Amazon Go looks a lot like an ordinary grocery store with goods like milk, fruits and snacks but you won’t see any lines or cashiers here. Amazon wants their customers to have an ordinary shopping experience while making the store completely checkout-free.

At the entrance, you just have to open the Amazon Go app on your phone, scan it and shop. Cameras and sensors are placed all around the store so that movements can be tracked to detect what you take from the shelves and place in your cart. This way, Amazon can accurately charge you.

Once you’ve picked up everything that you need, you simply go straight to the exit and leave. No need to take out your wallet and wait in line. When you leave the store, your Amazon account will be automatically charged.

This unconventional grocery store may not be an ideal place for those who aren’t tech-savvy or for those who aren’t open to change. But if Amazon Go becomes a success, other retailers may decide to follow their footsteps and checkout-free stores may become the future of retail.

 Unfortunately, the need for cashiers would go away, but at least eliminating the time spent waiting in line can help create a shopping experience that’s faster and more efficient.

Amazon Go is located in Seattle and is only open to Amazon employees at the moment, but keep an eye out for the official opening of Amazon Go stores in the future!

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