CES 2018 Trends: 5G is the Future


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4G is so 2017. 5G is the future. Fifth generation wireless technology will be a main topic at this year’s CES, hosted in Las Vegas, NV.

 Imagine a world with even faster wireless speeds. 5G is expected to be the foundation for shaping many other trends including self-driving cars, the IoT (Internet of Things), virtual reality and more.

 Don’t go asking Verizon for 5G the day after CES ends. You can expect it to start hitting major markets in 2019 with expected full impact by 2023. But there's no need to get discouraged; 5G technology will be tested at the 2018 Winter Olympics and Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are already working on trials for faster wireless speed.

 Here's is what to expect from 5G:

  • Technology that offers super-high speeds that are reliable and consistent, even indoors or in congested areas.

  • 5G can support a massive increase in connected devices.

  • No more lag between when you send a request for a website or video and when the network responds. 5G will reduce that to 1 millisecond. That's 400 times faster than the blink of an eye.

  • 5G has the potential to change more than just your smartphone. It can change the way doctors operate with remote surgery. Self driving cars can be fully responsive to 5G. You can have more precise control of drones, and 5G may even enhance virtual reality experiences.

 Looking towards the future, 5G sounds promising. Stay up to date with CES 2018 to learn the latest on the future of 5G. And come back to RAVV.com to keep up with the CES trends we're looking forward to seeing in 2018.

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